How it works

The experts tell us furnished homes sell quicker and for more money, it's that simple. Home buying is an emotional purchase and buyers need to be able to see themselves comfortably living in your home and that means presenting a home (both in person and online) in a manner that makes people want to live there. A visit should leave them wanting more and in order to do that it has to memorable. That connection can mean the difference in someone purchasing your home or the home two streets over. Studies show that potential buyers spend about 5 minutes inside of a vacant home vs about 40 minutes in a home that's furnished. 

Proper home staging is important and should be left to the experts with design savvy and a proper vision for staging your home. One size will not fit all. Proper home staging is an investment in the business of selling your home for the maximum return in the shortest amount of time and should be trusted to a professional. This involves much more than tossing a throw over the corner of a sofa. It's correctly placing appropriately sized and suitable furnishings in a space to maximize it's appeal and visual impact. Each time a potential buyer visits your home or the listing on a website, your home is on stage and often times you only get one shot and the performance needs to be a memorable one. Empty rooms can leave potential buyers wondering how to use a room or where to place their furnishings. If there's not a clear understanding of how your home "lives" it can be the difference in making a short list or no list at all. Your goal in presenting your home should be to make it stand out among all the others. 

The cost for home staging is based on the square footage of your home and the minimum contract is 60 days. In addition the home also must be ready to be staged, walls should be painted if need be, carpets cleaned or replaced and your home should be spotless. Outdated wall paper and or paint schemes can polarize your home. The more relevant your home appears to a potential buyer, the more buyers you will attract. The more buyers you attract, the quicker your home will sell. It's the difference between selling at the top of the market or the bottom or even selling your home at all. 

We do offer services to ready your home for staging, however these are separate costs you will incur and in addition to the cost of staging your home. You can discuss these with your real-estate professional or one of our team.  

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